Startup Showcase Competition


Entrepreneurship Development Cell (eDC), IIT Delhi is proud to present its flagship event Startup Showcase Competition , in association with Foradian TechnologiesLetsVenture. A 3-tier competition which is to conclude on 8th March at IIT Delhi, Startup Showcase aims to provide a robust and efficacious platform for the future of the Indian Startup Ecosystem to showcase their budding ventures to the top mentors and investors from India and abroad. Being entrepreneurship enthusiasts ourselves, we firmly believe that a startup cannot be judged in one day, and hence the competition is more of a process rather than a single event, spanning a period of three months, with each team monitored by a group of mentors beyond the first stage, hence ensuring a productive three months for each of the participating teams. Of course, there is nothing like winning, and we have prizes worth over 15 lacs in store for the winners, along with that enticing trip to The Silicon Valley. Get your thinking hats on, then! Flesh out your ideas and form enterprises that combine technology, vision and business acumen to reach to your dreams as Startup Showcase provides an ideal launchpad for all the budding entrepreneurs to present their business plans and startups in front of stalwarts from the corporate world.


Enumerated below is the tentative timeline for the event:

1st Jan - Registrations begin

31th Jan - Registrations end

1th - 15th Feb - Evaluation

15st Feb - Results announced, Selection of top 40-45 submissions

16st Feb- 21th Feb - 2nd round of evaluation

21th Feb - Final 10 to 15 teams announced

21th Feb - 6th March - Structured mentoring for each team to prepare them for the final event

8th March - D Day


As stated earlier, the Startup Showcase is a 3-tier competition spanning 3 months and concluding on 8’th March at IIT Delhi.

Round 1:

Firstly, applications will be invited from startups from 24th December, 2014 to 24th January, 2015.

We would need the following from the applicants:

a) Presentation in PDF format

b) Synopsis of their startup

c) MVP/Proof of Concept

d)Details of the team (LinkedIn profiles preferred).

From among the applications, around 40-45 would be selected for the second round. The criteria here would be the idea, the submitted presentation, and the prototype. The jury for this round would be formed by eDC via our Alumni Association and other contacts. Each judge would be assigned a fixed number of startups that he/she would have to evaluate over a given time period. The first 10-15 entries would be evaluated by the jury via correspondence, so that they can fix patterns for evaluation, which would account for the necessary normalization needed in this process.

Round 2:

From the 45 odd selected startups in Round 2, the final 15 startups would be selected by our jury who would present on the final day. For this round, our jury would evaluate and select the startups on the basis of the commitment towards their idea and the ‘group cohesion’ in their team. This would be a 7 day process divided into the following stages:

Day 1:

Quick interview (In person or via Skype) + Individual interview of every team member. Post interview, each team will be assigned a task - eg. Market Research of their sector, financial prediction etc.

Day 2 - Day 6:

Teams work on the tasks given to them and prepare a report

Day 7:

Evaluation of the reports by the respective judges and final selection of the 10-15 startups for the final round

Round 3:

presentation day. Each team would be assigned a mentor each from some of the top VC firms eg. Sequoia, Helion etc. and would be provided structured mentoring for the final presentation.

General Rules:

The registration for the event closes on January 24th, 2015 after which no entry will be considered. The rules are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers. In any case, the decision of the Event Managers/organizers will be binding and final.

Want to learn more?

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