For Students:

What will my work be ?

You will be strategizing implementing a plan for a start up to develop it roots near geographical domains of a college.

What will I gain out of it ?

You will gain an experience of working with 6 startups of different sectors, Time management skills, Team work, Network.

How much time would I be required to commit?

You will have to be involved with your team mates and trainers for a fair amount of time which would be variable depending upon the kind of task you are doing but it wont be a lot of time.

What kind of work am I required to do ?

You will be doing a variety of tasks including social media managing, analysing trends, creating events/workshops and other tasks designed by the startups.

For Startups:

What will we benefit out of this program?

You will get to identify different trends/approaches which may be feasible for further action, identify the kind of talent required for your company and an upper hand in other start ups of same sector, create a niche of you’re your service/products.

What is expected out of you ?

You are expected to provide an overview of your company, methodologies , knowledge and opportunities in your sector along with conducting and planning tasks for the campus CEOs.

What is expected from eDC IITD?

eDC would be moderating and guiding the company on how to carry this program for a month.